Djerba island

Djerba is a Mediterranean island with thousands of palm and olive trees situated off the south east coast of the Tunisian mainland, on the Gulf of Gabes where access to the mainland is gained by a roman causeway. Djerba is reputed to be the island of the lotus eaters in Homer's Odyssey a place so seductive; visitors find it impossible to leave. There’s a lot to love about the island Djerba Tunisia, its beauty and charm can be seen in the perfect combination of a clear-blue sky, crystal-clear seas, shining white houses, clean and well-kept towns and plentiful huge palms and olive trees served in a picturesque green environment. According to Greek mythology, Djerba was the home of the seductive lotus eaters. In Homer's Odyssey, Ulysses almost lost his men when the beautiful maidens of the island fed them the lotus flower. The men were so pleasantly intoxicated by the lotus that Ulysses found it almost impossible to make them return to their ships. Only travellers dreaming of Djerba mythology are usually disappointed, nowhere is the fabled lotus fruit to be found. Gustave Flaubert said that Djerba's air is so mild that prevents death. And it is a fact: thanks to the moderating effects of the sea, the island of Djerba has an exceptional mild climate for Tunisia; over 300 days a year of beautiful golden sunshine, clear blue skies and soft sandy beaches. Its east coast is a shimmering stretch of white sand, backed by luxury hotels,but the interior is still largely preserved. Olive groves and palm trees alternate with Menzels: these traditional houses are whitewashed and surrounded by an orchard enclosed by walls. Rural and largely unspoilt, Djerba is to discover in our organized tours, with a plenty of interesting places such as the pottery village Guellela, the traditional architecture, the beauty of its mosques, unusual landscapes and Houmt-Souk the capital with its typical souks as the fish market where you can admire every morning the spectacular auctions.

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