Mountain bike tour

A mountain bike tour in the heart of the Dhahar Massif in south-eastern Tunisia to discover the secrets of Berber culture, a rich ancient culture but still alive and present in origins as if time has stopped. Pedaling in these lands is a great pleasure where the human contact is very spontaneous with very welcoming and smiling people. Come to discover the many beauties of these ancestral lands admire the marvelous architecture of the cave dwell Berber villages and the majestic Ksours, browse stunning natural landscapes in an authentic and exciting world. It is a tour whose itinerary and duration are chosen by yourself, whether for professionals or amateurs, so make your choice and contact us, we will be very enthusiastic to serve you.


•    You will be accompanied and supervised by professional cyclists and a professional technical team who will continuously monitor the progress of your program.
•    We provide mountain bikes in excellent condition.
•    Accommodation in Guest houses or well equipped and comfortable typical hotels.
•    All our guides and local guides hold a diploma of first aid from the Tunisian civil protection.
•    All our tours are reported to the local authorities with permission of the National Guard Office and the National Tourism Office. 
•    Helmets and safety gloves are available.
•    All tours are accompanied by a 4x4 vehicle for the transport of personal effects and assistance equipped with GPS Quad and a satellite phone for the safety of participants and to ensure a successful tour

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