Tunisia has a varied flora and fauna due to the great variety of microclimates that it has and that go from the sandy deserts, through the salt lakes, to the coastal areas with different islands. However, the most interesting thing in Tunisia is its ornithofauna, with more than 400 species of birds. In the lakes there are many Anatidae, Wading Bird, Flaments and Starlings, which in spring breed in the southern areas of the Chott. The province of Cap Bon welcomes a great wealth of birds such as Buzzard or Falcon, while the Egret, the Pyrenean Plover, the White crested Duck and the Gulls live permanently in Tunisia. Migratory birds such as storks or Swallows spend all winter in the country. At the time of migration, the Tunisian skies offer an impressive spectacle with thousands of birds flying towards their destination. With this great variety of birds, Tacapes Tours invites you to discover the world of the ornithofauna of Tunisia through an ornithological tour between the Mediterranean and the Sahara.

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