Quad Raid

This is a unique adventure to traverse immense dunes of the desert till the heart of the Grand Erg Oriental, where the beauty of the dunes mingles with the beautiful colors of the sky to listen to the silence of the desert. It’s a real Quad raid which duration and route are chosen by yourself, it will also allow you to go further to the famous hot springs of Houidhat Errched Lake where a swim after a long day driving in the desert will be an infinite pleasure.
So come to try this unusual adventure with us and be sure that you’ll be extremely delighted.



•    Good physical condition.
•    Prior experience is desired.
•    Driving license (car or motorcycle) mandatory.


•    We provide Quad Polaris Scrambler 500 in excellent condition.
•    A technical team will accompany you throughout the tour to maintain the quads.
•    A professional cook to serve you tasty meals and delicious grills during the tour in beautiful and richly trimmed banquet.
•    Accommodation in tents in the desert or in well-equipped and comfortable Saharan camps.
•    All our local guides hold of first aid certificate from the Tunisian Civil Protection. 
•    All our tours are reported to the local authorities with permission of the National Guard and the Tunisian army.
•    Helmets and safety gloves are available. 
•    All tours are accompanied by a 4x4 vehicle for the transportation of personal effects and assistance with GPS Quad and a satellite phone for the safety of participants and ensure a successful tour.


•    Gloves, closed shoes, pants, windbreaker, and sunglasses.
•    Supple luggage to transport your belongings during the tour (no rigid suitcases).

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