Summer Vacation: An unforgettable trip to Monastir

summer vacation: monastir ribat

Summer vacation is always a hassle to figure out. with too many options and little time to choose, you cannot afford to gamble your funds.

If you are looking to get the most out of your summer vacation, but haven’t decided where to go yet.

Consider a trip to Tunisia. A small North African country with amazing weather and phenomenal natural assets.

The coast line houses three major cities that spread across impressive shore views and extensive care for facilities to accommodate tourists, especially during summer vacation that marks the start of the tourism season.

1. Ribat, the aging fortress, the perfect background for your summer vacation photo

summer vacation: ribat monastir

Tunisia has twenty four states, each holding their own unique blend of tradition, architecture, and cultural wealth.

But if you are planning to spend your summer vacation in Tunisia, then the coastal line is where you want to go.

If you are looking to learn about the cultural heritage of Monastir, then look no further than Ribat.

The tall standing fortress, is a lasting statement of the historical legacy that Monastir endorsed in times long past.

While averted from its main purpose, the old building remains of great value as an appealing touristic sight.

The Ribat spams an impressive 4200 sq m, spread into several large rooms and an extensive courtyard. Nowadays, the Ribat houses an Islamic museum on its upper levels, complimented by splendid views of the city.

Fortunately, a special tour is made readily available that covers the entire premise of Ribat exclusively during summer vacation.

2. EL Medina: The perfect blend of nostalgia and modern amenities, with special discounts during summer vacation

summer vacation: medina

Monastir is a one-stop-destination for many tourists from around the world.

With varying tastes and preferences, a summer vacation there is never a waste of time of money.

Visit the Tunisian seaside wonder and explore the best of what the city has to offer.

At the heart of Monastir resides a wondrous intersection dubbed as the Medina.

Truly a sight to behold. The old market town is the perfect choice for those looking to experience the engaging atmosphere of times past.

It is regarded as the most vivid and appealing destination. The delightful town offers plenty of entertainment with its immaculate ornament detailing and the wide range of displayed handcraft and traditional pottery, jewelry and a lot more.

The Medina is in full gear to welcome visitors near and far, especially during summer vacation when the city is brought to life during the tourism season.

A walk through the market is exceptionally delightful, and would, no doubt, suffice to entertain.

3. The harbor: Conveniently surrounded by the best hotels for a luxurious trip

summer vacation: monastir harbor

A prefect escape from city hassle, the Harbor indulges visitors with soothing sea views and comforting outlooks onto the clear blue waters of the Tunisian coast.

The harbor is also adorned by the magnitude of docking yachts on the seaside.

Following the coast line, lies a number of the most luxurious and extravagant hotels offering visitors a chance for a reliable accommodation suitable for an unforgettable summer vacation.

If you are willing to part with some cash, then an accommodation in the vicinity is definitely the right choice.

Monastir is a coastal city that shines during summer season. Sea views, the clear breeze, and festivities all culminate into a mesmerizing summer vacation.

The coastal city of Monastir is indeed a great destination to consider, with plenty to offer and an exceptional set of entertainment amenities, it is undoubtedly the best pick for your summer vacation.

The numerous historical sights and modern architecture delivers a unique blend that pleases the eyes.

Luckily, because Monastir is amongst the most sought after destinations in Tunisia, a number of facilities has been put in place for an unforgettable tour in the marvelous seaside wonder.

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